You run a coffee shop/cafe during the COVID-19 pandemic and your local government has just opened up restaurants, so you are back in business!

Make Coffee, serve customers, and make sure that they keep their social distance before the CDC closes your cafe!

All programming, sounds, art, and music were created by me (some sounds were public domain, but modified by me)


Click on the box of mugs to grab a coffee cup

Click on the coffee machine to fill up the mug

Click on the full mug to take it

Click on the sugar jar (to the right of the box of mugs) to add sugar to the coffee (customers will show how much sugar they want)

Click and drag on customers to move them away from each other (make sure they keep social distance!)

WASD/Arrows to move (not necessary to play)

When the 'COVID Counter' (top left corner) hits 25 the CDC will shut your cafe down!

You will unlock more coffee machines as you level up

As customers leave the 'COVID Counter' will decrease, so keep serving customers!

Install instructions


  1.  Unzip the file
  2. open up COVID Cafe.exe
  3. Play the game!




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TBH, when I read the instructions, I was like, "Pshh! This sounds too easy! How hard can it be?" Only as I started playing, I realized how hard it was. It's a pretty good game. Somehow, I feel as if it is so underrated

I appreciate that! I think it could definitely be improved, maybe add some kind of multiplayer where one person manages social distancing and the other makes coffee. Maybe something for the future...



Nice little game, it gets really hectic xD. I found it was too hard to concentrate on keeping everyone distanced so I just went hard trying to make as many coffees as I could. Good fun, nice work :)

thanks! After I finished it I realized that this might be better suited as a local multiplayer game where one person makes sure everyone is socially distanced and the other makes coffee, thanks for playing!

Yeah true, that could work quite well where the coffee maker can just use the keyboard and the social distancer can use the mouse. Something for the future maybe :)

yes, thanks for playing!