(made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020)

Split Shot is a fast-paced, top down shooter, where enemies split in to even more enemies when killed, leading to some OUT OF CONTROL gameplay (see what I did there?)

Enjoy endless gameplay, with a custom soundtrack created specifically for this game, along with immersive sounds, and massive clusters of enemies

All programming, art, music, and sounds were created by me, so if you enjoyed, rate 5 stars :)

This is the result of 4 months teaching myself Unity, let me know how I did in the comments


WASD or Arrows to move

Left Click to shoot

Mouse to aim

Escape to pause

Play to have fun :)

GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Game Jam, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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Fun game with nice graphics! Good job!


It would be cool if you could add some more weapons :)







It's so fun!!!! I am @belangermediaa on Scratch, by the way. Somebody should recreate this on Scratch!!!!!!! (because.... i can't do that type of stuff lol

I appreciate you playing the game! It would be pretty hard to recreate this, Unity is much more powerful than scratch. Scratch probably can't handle that many sprites and clones at once, as well as the scrolling background. Thank you for playing!

Yes,scratch would be slow.


I play on scratch as well. My username is @Scratch_Stupidity.

You should have put a tutorial in the game.  Check out my channel for my epic videos, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEa4eOOeA0__DB5DmVXoIow 

I had a controls menu. I felt for how simple the game is, an in-game tutorial would be a waste of precious time. I instead used that time for animating the UI and composing the music, but thanks for the input!

Cool! I'm @ShadowAtYt On Scratch, Well, this is WAY Better than mine! I WILL master unity within a year and participate in the next Game Jam... 

100% 5 Star Rated, I would be grateful if you'd rate mi6en too!

already done :) thanks for playing!



It takes longer than a year to master a game engine, Unity included, there is just so much to learn. The good news is, you don't have to master a game engine to make cool things with it :) good luck

Cool game, I like the neon look!


Feel very polished and fun to play. Shooting is really satisfying. Love it.

I'm very glad :)

Nice mini-map, I'll try that next time I jam.

ty, if you are using Unity just use a render texture

Nice game, it did get out of control when I got to 81.... The game's aesthetic matches jam games perfectly. 

I'm glad you liked :)

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the game feels very polished. I didn't find a single glitch. but if I where you I would change the colors of the healthbar on enemies because i thought the healthbars where walls for a second. they are the almost the exact same color. but overall a pretty good game.

Thanks for playing :) I appreciate the feedback